Cúpla Spotlight on...Wren

By now, most of us know that our collective carbon footprints have taken a huge toll on our climate, our environment, our natural resources, animal life and general wellbeing. One of the ways individuals and businesses have been addressing this is through carbon offsetting. They use tools designed to calculate their carbon emissions and, after taking various measures to reduce their footprint, they invest in environmental projects that are primarily designed to reduce future emissions as a way of balancing out their own.

However, there can be challenges with verifying the credibility, viability and ethical implementation of some of these projects.

Enter Wren — a web app that makes it easy for people to calculate and offset their carbon emissions, by investing in a monthly subscription that helps fund pre-vetted, sustainable and long-term projects around the world. The app promises calculations in just a few minutes, and prioritises measurable, transparent projects that can only happen with the additional funding from Wren subscribers.

Every two weeks users receive an update on the projects they have invested in, and can access all the relevant background information whenever they wish.

Wren is making it easy for all of us to tread more lightly and do more good.

For more information, visit projectwren.com