Cúpla Spotlight on...Everytable

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Global fast food chains have, in many cases, made fast food cheaper, more convenient and easier to find than healthy and wholesome options. In poorer communities or ‘food deserts’ – as Everytable calls them – this compounds issues around health and life expectancy, performance at school and work and other problems associated with nutritional deficiency.

LA-based Everytable sells fresh, locally-made salads, bowls and hot plates through small, grab-and-go store formats. They use a simple pricing model that calculates the cost of the average meal at USD$4.50, and then they charge USD$8 in affluent communities and USD$5 in underserved and lower income neighbourhoods. As they expand, they ensure more presence in underserved communities, to achieve their mission of making “nutritious, fresh food affordable and accessible to all.”

 To find out more, visit everytable.com