Cúpla Spotlight on...Fairbnb.coop

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Introducing our very first ‘Cúpla Spotlight on…’, where we talk about some very clever, caring and innovative people and brands taking the products, services and systems our globalised world has built today and re-inventing them for a better tomorrow.

This week, we are loving Fairbnb.coop

With the meteoric, global rise of home-sharing app, Airbnb, we’ve seen a fundamental move towards the democratisation of accommodation. While Airbnb and other platforms like it have brought many economic and social connection benefits to individual homeowners, travellers and communities, they can also present significant challenges through the way they impact housing affordability and availability, as well as cost of living and services, for residents and locals.

Fairbnb.coop is a “community-centred alternative to current vacation rental platforms that prioritizes people over profit and offers the potential for authentic, sustainable, and intimate travel experiences.”

Initially emerging in Amsterdam, Bologna and Venice, the growing movement favours investment in, and the wellbeing of, host neighbourhoods through a democratic, shared model between members, homeowners, and local businesses and organisations.

Half of all commission fees are used to provide grants and funding for social improvement community projects to help curb the negative impacts of tourism on locals and residents.

For more information, visit fairbnb.coop.
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